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Anonymous sent: taenybutts, taenyplus, taenyyourwish, taenyfm,... lol, so many trying to copy you. they don't understand that you rule taeny in tumblr and that you're the best taeny blog tumblr has ever seen.



it’s not like that. I don’t think they’re trying to ”copy” me. everyone has the right of having whichever blog they want to. I wasn’t the first ”taeny blog” on tumblr and I know I’m not going to be the last one. if people want to have a blog about taeny, what’s the matter? o.o I don’t understand why did you get so offended by something not even I care about…. but thank you for the compliment, however.

I don’t remember copying my schedule page. Or this macro. Or this snsd scandal. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this page of tae/tiff imitating each otharrr. I’m no pro but I even tried to help

But yeah you can call taenypush the best taeny blog. She’s awezomes and she rule taeny in tumblr. #fact I ain’t competing! #latereaction

Disney invasion

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If you really love something, you have to know how to let go.

Kim Taeyeon (Nov 2013)








taeyeon was like staring at you can be my hobby

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taeyeon to fany…


taeyeon to fany…

131009 [TRANS] Tiffany UFO


All UFO replies

#1imageFan: Fany unnie~ I miss you so much TT What are you doing recently?_?

Tiffany: Recently I am working hard,learning fashion T T…. help me

#2imageFan: Fany ya~ What is the best dish that you can show off to fans?

Tiffany: Mac&Cheese :D

#3 #4image

Fan: Fany ah!Have you see the fireworks?o^o? Come on..

Tiffany: I didn’t see it Hing TT..

Fan: Miyoung ah~ Do you still bring Prince out for walk? ㅎ Why do i think you will be dragging him to move?ㅎㅎ
Tiffany: He want to be carried, he refused to walk by himself-_- ….;;

imageFan: The weather is super good what are you doing fany? Listening to music? Or eating something nice^_^

Tiffany: I’m lying on bed with Prince listening to music: Almost is never enough ♥ Ariana Grande

Cr: Chinese trans by 饱猫007

eng trans by @mystarmyangel

sica forever trying to get taeng’s attention :( (and hyo being like “why the fck is this girl laughing”)

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des-garcons-deactivated20140421 sent: I love your blog I don't even care what you look like let's have babies

Hey pal. I’m not that type of girl you can just have babies with! Lulz. Thanks? My blog is kinda dead atm but thanks.image

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